First performance in Dunkirk

Wednesday 24 April 2019by PIANOANDCO

April 22, 2019 • 11 AM • LAAC Dunkirk

On Sunday April 22nd, 2019, students from the Conservatoire of Dunkirk, the Conservatorium an Zee of Ostende, and the Conservatorio Giuseppe Tartini of Trieste, performed In C at the LAAC in Dunkirk.

This concert was the culmination of a week of workshops and rehearsals led by Nathalie Négro and Olivier Stalla of PIANOANDCO. The students performed the famous piece by Terry Riley while the public meandered between them, as they formed a "forest of musicians".

After the splendid performance by the young musicians, they had a chance to get together and talk with each other one last time before they all returned home.

This was a successful start to Europe In C! Next step: workshop #2 in Athens, Greece, where students from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens will host students from the Hoschüle fur Musik und Theater of Rostock.